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API call logging

API call logging

Ptero provides API logging middleware to keep track of the calls made to your RESTful API

Redis Caching

Redis Caching

Buiilt in Redis caching support speeds up accessing your API by up to 1000%

Flexible monitoring

Flexible monitoring

The compainion PteroView app provides flexable viewing options for your logged data

Why choose Ptero?

Why Ptero is different

  • Ptero utilize Redis caching to prevent identical RESTful API requested to server, allowing users to provide same data from a cache with faster response time.
  • Ptero provides needed support that was missing for Deno based APIs
  • Ptero's companion app, PteroView, allows API Hosts to visualize and manage metrics of all the API requests in their Deno built server.
  • Ptero helps developers be able to more easily anticipate their products popularity to provide targeted information.

How does it work?

Within the Deno built server, import Ptero Deno module to allow Redis caching and logging of the requests. Then connect the server with MongoDB to store the information on users and request logs.

Redis Caching and Logging

PteroView acts as a monitoring tool for your Ptero logs. This app allows for the interpertation and extrapolation of the data. It is open source so you can edit the app for your own use to show metric you desire


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